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Her finder du overblikket over tech specs for vores store sal, Kransalen.

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Stage Size

  • 8.1 m x 5.5m x 1.05-1.10m 

Clearance on stage

  • (4m to truss) (2.7m to lowest fixture)

Clearance over audience

  • (5.1m to truss) (4.6 to lowest fixture)

Kg/m2 on stage

  • 250kg

Kg/m2 on audience floor

  • 450kg including audience

Power in Denmark is at 230V. All Power is distributed in Danish LK Plugs, EU Schuco plugs or CEE plugs. Please bring your own adapters and converters for any other plugs and/or voltage standards.


  • External Floor Productions (Max 63A/3F) Can be made into 1pc CEE 63A/3F, 2pcs CEE 32A/3F or 4 pcs CEE 16A/3F.


  • External audio productions (Max 32A/3F) Can be made into 1pcs CEE 32A/3F 2 pcs or CEE 16A/3F.


  • 16A/1F is delivered in Danish LK, EU Schuko or CEE 16A/1F plugs. This is to be shared with light and sound.


  • 16A/3F - 6 x 16A/1F Cee

To ensure the comfort of our audience, Pumpehuset currently enforces a dB limit of 103dB(A) averaged over 15 minutes. This is measured above the FOH

PA specs

  • Turbosound Floodlight
  • System with gradient in-line
  • Sub array under stage
  • Subs
  • 6xTSW718

Front fill pr side

  • 2 x TFL760HT

Flown pr side 

  • 2 x TFL760HT
  • Driven with
    2x XTA APA-E8 amps
  • 2 x MC2 Delta 80dsp
  • 1 x MC2 Delta 80
  • 1 x LA48

FOH control

  • Soundcraft Vi2000 console
  • Vi Stagebox 48/24
  • PA is on two channel L/R


  • 5 x 12 ch remote boxes 
  • 2 x Cat 7e guest lines 


  • 8 x L-Acoustics 115FM (including listening)
  • 8 x Lab Gruppen IPD2400
  • 8 sends and 8 boxes 
  • 2 x Turbo IQ15B Subs

Monitor Control

  • Full Analog split 


  • 2 x AKG D112
  • 6 x AKG C451B
  • 4 x Sennheiser E604 ClipMic
  • 2 x Shure B 52
  • 5 x Shure SM 57
  • 5 x Shure SM 58
  • 5 x Shure B 58A
  • 2 x Shure B 91A
  • 4 x Shure B 98A
  • 2 x Countryman DI
  • 10 x BSS AR 133 

Lighting Control

  • 1 x Chamsys MagicQ MQ80


  • 3 x Eurorack 24 ch dimmers
  • Total 72 channels

Lamps on stage Truss

  • 6 x Clay Paky Alpha Spot QWO 800
  • 8  x Robe 350 Led Wash
  • 6 x Chauvet P38 
  • 2 x Atomic 3000
  • 5 x CCT Profiles

Lamps in Front Truss

  • 4 x CCT Profiles
  • 4 x CCT Fresnel

Audience Lights

  • 8 x CCT Profile with break up gobos
  • 12 x Par64 wall uplight 
  • 4 x Cameo LED (Deco)


  • 4 x spare DMX lines 
  • 3 x Spare cat 5
  • 1 x Smoke Factory Tourhazer
  • All rigging must be done with certified equipment. 
  • All fabrics hung inside Pumpehuset must have class B1 fireproof capabilities. 
  • All certificates on equipment and fabrics must be available on the day of the show or show in advance. 
  • A load schematic must be made if you desire to hang more than 30kg in a single point or 150 kg in total weight on a single truss. 
  • All trusses in kran are on wires and can go down.

The company or person in charge of the EFX/pyro will need to have all insurance needed to insure that damages on the audience and/or Pumpehuset while using fire or EFXmachines can be covered. 


  • There is no smoke limit in Pumpehuset. But please advise in advance if your show uses smoke in an amount where visibility will be significantly decreased or next to none.   

Use of Co2 EFX machines

  • Co2 Efx machines are allowed. There will need to be placed a barricade in front of the stage to secure the safety distance from the audience to the EFX machine. No audience is allowed on stage while the co2 is plugged into power. 

Fire and Pyro

  • No pyro or stage fireworks. 
  • Candles or other small flame objects are allowed, but a dedicated “fire marshall” will need to be present during the flames' duration. 
  • Fountains/Sparkle EFX can be allowed if it produces cold sparkles. There will need to be placed a barricade in front of the stage to secure the safety distance from the audience to the EFX machine. No audience is allowed on stage while there are flames or fountains lit or plugged to power.  


  • The use of laser fixtures is allowed in Pumpehuset. 
  • If your show shoots lasers into the crowd, you will need to show your safety calculations before you start your show. 
  • If you are unable to show these you will be limited to shoot your laser over the crowd. 


  • Confetti is allowed in Pumpehuset. But additional fees for cleaning will occur.