pumpehuset presents
BFL - Brian For Livet
Champagne Bruce + MagerMayn

The Vestegns group and Co. is ready to topple the Pumphouse about fucking litter

BFL is a rap group formed in 2016 by Lil Sim and MDManders. Over the years, they have shaped a visual and musical universe that builds on Vestegnen's social heritage. BFL are active on the music scene where they give concerts and have built up a loyal fan base of young Brianners.

BFL has around 34,000 followers on social media and has upwards of 20 million streams on their music and viral videos. The boys have managed to gather a fan base that cultivates and mirrors itself in the mythical Brian epic in an almost cult-like manner.

If you go to a BFL concert, you will be blown away when young fans show up dressed as Vestegen's gangsters and who, on their own initiative, take an active part in the concerts by playing along.

After 8 years of shocking music releases and viral clips, the boys continue to put on wild concerts that knock Denmark's youth over their fucking litter!

5 Oct 2024
Doors open
Show start
Price incl. fee
250 DKK
Champagne Bruce
Since his debut in 2022, Champagne Bruce has charmed his way onto the Danish music scene with his unique sound and atmosphere on songs such as "Mor Hun Var Raver" and "Bøj og Stræk", the latter of which was an explosive cocktail of Bruce's characteristic style and Specktors' insane rap flows wrapped in Yo Johnny's pulsating production.

Denmark's self-proclaimed cutest rapper Champagne Bruce is currently in the studio and soon up to date with new music, and in the meantime you can follow along on Instagram and TikTok, where he continuously teases and shares his huge demo archive.
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MagerMayn has been a well-known name on the Danish rap scene since his debut record 'Fisse, stoffer og skruetrækker' from 2007. Your favorite rapper's favorite rapper, they say. With a long list of hits in the back catalogue, all mainly about taking coke and fucking bitches, a party is guaranteed.
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