Pumpehuset gives you loads of concerts in the centre of Copenhagen. See all our upcoming shows and buy tickets below

Hard rock, folk, indie, psych, synth rock, you name it! Here you´ll find rock in all its glory.
Metal has always been one of Pumpehuset's key genres whether we're talking mainstream or extreme underground metal. So if crushing grindcore, hardcore punk, epic power metal or dense doom makes your world go round, we've got it.
Hiphop is a cornerstone of our musical programming. You've come to the right place if you're into Danish street hiphop, UK grime, alternative rap or just good ol´American hiphop. Here you might also stumble upon concerts that some might consider hiphop, but we're generous with what we keep in the beats-and-rhyme-fold.
We're always keeping an eye on the electronic music scene - especially the music with heavy bass. Through the years we've had the pleasure of presenting subgenres like gabber, hardcore techno, psy-trance, hardstyle and loads of drum'n'bass. Here you'll find upcoming shows within the harder electronic styles and odd niches as well as more pop-oriented aspects of electronic music.
Here you'll find concerts with those artists who one way or the other deals in pop music. So expect everything from synth, pop punk, r'n'b, and the list of pop-subgenres could go on.
Byhaven is our outdoor summer venue where it's always free to enter. Byhaven is open from Wednesday to Saturday all summer long and every day our outdoor scene is graced by Danish upcoming artists.