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We receive quite a lot of questions from our curious guests. Here are some of the answers

If you've lost something during a fun night in Pumpehuset or Byhaven, you need to drop by and ask for it. Just swing by whenever Byhaven is open or there is a show on in Pumpehuset. See our program for opening days.

Unfortunately, it has not been possible to establish access for wheelchairs at Pumpehuset due to the building’s status as listed.

Har du ledsagerkort, kan du få din ledsager med ind ved fremvisning af dette i indgangen. Du skal blot sørge for en billet til dig selv. Læs i øvrigt meget gerne stykket overfor angående vores adgangsforhold, hvis du har et handicap, der gør, at du benytter kørestol.

Yes, you can. By default we keep our bars open as long as people are willing to drink. So if the after party really takes off, we keep it going until the last guests leave.

We've build the most awesome smoking terrace. You can’t avoid seeing it when you arrive, as it is placed directly on top of the entrance. In the summer, it’s a lovely cooling place to be and during winter we keep it heated. And of course we’ve placed a bar there too.

If the concert is not sold out, you can of course buy a ticket at the door when we open. However, we do recommend buying tickets in advance. We cannot reserve tickets nor do we have a box office where we sell tickets during the day time.

By default we don't have an age limit for concerts or events at Pumpehuset, however, we do recommend people under the age of 15 to be accompanied by an adult

Some concerts or events do, however, have an age limit, but this will be communicated on the ticket vendors page or at our site.

40% of Pumpehuset’s shows are promoted in collaboration with minor concert promoters – promoters who do not live off promoting music. Some of the minor promotors promote five concerts in Pumpehuset a year, some only promote one specific show with their own band. Thus, we care greatly about creating the best premises for minor promoters.

When you write to us on behalf of your band in order to get a gig, please be aware of our cooperation model. For us it is utmost important that it should be a fantastic and fun experience playing at Pumpehuset – and it is not fun playing the best music ever in front of a tiny audience.

Sending a link to your new EP or extensive bios is not the way to go.

Pumpehuset is a venue where it doesn't make sense to open the house for under 100 people. We promote over 300 shows per year, so we rely on joint force behind every opening day.

We would much rather hear about your fanbase, your audience, your marketing channels, your active work building a following and your specific ideas for making a show at Pumpehuset unique and well-attended.

We look forward to hear from you.

At every showpage on this site we always write what time the doors open and when the music starts. Most nights at Pumpehuset goes like this: The door open at 20.00, the support act starts playing at 21.00 and the main act plays at 22.00.

600 people in the main hall and 400 people in small, more intimate hall.

Of course. We even have two versions. Either you use our mobile lockers that you can access all night using your phone (costs 40 DKK) or you hand over your belongings to our staff (costs 35 DKK).

A Grøn Tuborg (0,5L) costs 50 DKK

Our outdoor venue and bar, Byhaven, is open from the end of April until the end of September. Byhaven presents exciting concerts with upcoming bands, international acts and established Danish artists from Wednesday to Saturday. Byhaven opens at 15.00 and the concerts almost always start at 19.00. It is free to enter Byhaven - however, in very rare cases ticketed events will be held in Byhaven.

Sorry, but we don't to table reservations in Byhaven (nor Pumpehuset). If you are a large group planning to visit Byhaven, we recommend arriving between 15.00 and 17.00.

Tuborg is our main beverage partner, and we serve a beautiful lineup of their great beers. You can of course get a Grøn Tuborg pilsner, a Classic or a large Tuborg Guld. We also have thrilling stuff from Brooklyn Brewery and cocktails.

Then you just send an email to [email protected]

Vi svarer kun på henvendelser et par gange om ugen i hverdagene til standard kontortid. Spørgsmål ang. billetter skal stilles til billetudbyderen.