Byhaven is Pumpehuset's outdoor venue and bar. Every summer, from April and September, Byhaven is open and presents over 150 concerts with free entrance.

Byhaven is more than music. It's partying, talking, eating, festivals, natural wine, beers from Brooklyn Brewery, cocktails and fairy lights. We have loads of seating - in the sun and in the shade of our big, beautiful chestnut tree - and if it gets chilly, we'll turn on our heating lamps.

Opening hours

Every opening day you can experience concerts with the best of Danish upcoming music og future international stars. We take pride in diving deep into the musical undergrund to find the music we think should be the soundtrack to your summer.

Every summer, every week from April to September, Byhaven is open. Byhaven is always open from Wednesday to Saturday, but most likely also on Sundays and other weekdays. Have a look at our program to see what's on.

Byhaven opens at 15.00 and concerts start at 19.00


The bar

Byhaven's bar is filled with good stuff. Our friends from Brooklyn Brewery have stocked our taps and fridges with superior, hoppy goodness that suits any occasion.

We also loooove wine - especially natural wine, but hey, who doesn't. This is mirrored in our selection of wine just waiting for you to explore - just ask for the full wine list at the bar. Don't fancy wine? Well, we also have refreshing cocktails, delicate booze, spritzers and of course a lot of non-alcoholic beverages.

Fotokredit: Gonzales Photo/Mathias Kristensen.
Fotokredit: Gonzales Photo/Mathias Kristensen.

The food

Fried chicken champions from Nørrebro, Poulette, have your back when you get the munchies in Byhaven this summer. Through research and dedication, they have developed the perfect, spicy sandwich. It comes with either fried chicken or mapo tofu.

Poulette serve food from 17.00

Tofu - edit