Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Kiss, Black Sabbath, Aretha Franklin, The Faces, Cheryl Crow performed by the very best international musicians including the lead guitarist from The Guns N Roses – don’t miss out!

The WAF Jam 2014 promises to be a musical showcase unlike any other. Well-known local bands and international stars will perform on the same stage in support of a common vision – water and food for all.

WAF JAM 2014 will feature world-class guitar performances by the likes of Ron Bumblefoot from the Guns N Roses, Swedish metal stars Marcus Jidell and Jennie-Ann Smith from Avatarium, Matti Alfonzetti (Alfonzetti) and some very special local guests including Nosy Parker, Scots on ICE, blues performer Miriam Mandapiri, Italian composer Mauro Patricelli and many more!