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Vice X WiMP Live Sessions #2: Ordet På Gaden

After filling Pumpehuset to the brim in December, VICE x WiMP Live Sessions is back. This time we bring you 20 of the hip-hop artists represented on the Danish collaboration album ‘Ordet På Gaden’.

‘Ordet På Gaden’ is probably the most ambitious Danish hip-hop-project in years with 31 artists and 21 tracks.

If you can't be bothered to go out in the cold or your idea of a fun night is a bucket of chicken and your slippers, some of the sets are being filmed for you to stream through VICE, Noisey and WiMP.

Come and experience:
Marconi, ForsvundenSammenhæng, Ergo, Machacha, Mic, Danny Davinci, Censur, SK, Livid, Sigma, Nixen, Amro, Loke Deph, Ali Sufi, Nota Bene, Supardejen, Gio, Abbaz, Lille, Frank Goodfellaz

Free Heineken and Jägermeister for the first ones arriving and loads of free live music.
23. jan 2014
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