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Throwing Snow

Pumpehuset will host London-based producer Ross Tones AKA Throwing Snow for his debut album release tour on the 21st June.
The tour celebrates his new album Mosaic, which has its full release on Houndstooth after a weekend preview stream on Dazed Digital. Houndstooth is a Fabric-offshoot label with previous releases from Call Super and House of Black Lanterns.

Sonically the album has recognisable elements of drum n bass, as well as uplifting and accessible electronica, but Throwing Snow’s music is clearly also shaped by his interest in an unusually wide range of genres outside of the electronic sphere. Tones cites everything from traditional folk, to hardcore, punk, and UK metal as some of his other influences.

"It's little pieces of the music I love combined to form a coherent whole. Elements of folk and real instruments combined with drum funk, electronica and samples. I don't feel I'm in any way using one influence in any of the tracks, more bringing disparate elements together as a collage. Each part is distinct but when bought together there is a bigger picture that the listener can find points of reference."
- Throwing Snow


Support for the show comes from three local acts, Saint Cava, Erosion Flow and Anders Olesen from Darmstadt DJs.

Saint Cava is producer Andreas Waze and vocalist Erika Ramos. They will open the show with a live set with some of their brand-new and smooth-as-hell RnB jams.

Erosion Flow is young up-and-coming producer and DJ Henrik Koefod. His first self-titled EP on George Fitzgerald’s label ManMakeMusic has successfully pinned him as a real budding talent with a lot more to give. He will be warming up with a DJ set before Throwing Snow's live performance.

Darmstadt have been involved in some of Denmark’s most interesting experimental electronic lineups, both in Copenhagen for their PROTON events at Jazzhouse, and in Odense for PHONO Festival. Their real crate-digging mentality and their ability to cross over into the weirder side of electronic music guarantees their closing set will be worth staying for.
21. jun 2014
dørene åbner
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