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The Swarm + Woodpecker

The Swarm
The Swarm is a Copenhagen based alternative hip hop band, consisting of The Gelliant and Scratchmaster T. Their bond goes way back to one special night in the early 90’s when their dad, famous disco dancer Pops Hymen, impregnated two different virgins on the same night at a club in Køge on the danish east coast, on his legendary world disco dancing tour. Although the pair never met until years later at Mr. Hymen’s funeral, where they realized they shared a dad when they had to split the inheritage which consisted of his wardrobe and record collection.

They quickly became friends and found a common interest rapping and sword fighting, so with a goal of combining the two, they created the band ‘The Swarm’. Their background in punk music and heavy rock gives the music a hard hitting energy that some listeners have related to The Beastie Boys and Rage Against the Machine.
17. maj 2017
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