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Team of Experts + The Olympics – Byhaven

For the second year running Pumpehuset will open its own beautiful, green, sheltered city garden of delights. This time we’ve made it even more alluring than last year’s, with more cozy seating, lush green surroundings, and the real feeling of being tucked away from all the city’s traffic.

Byhaven is open all Summer, when we’ll be teaming up with our best musical friends for an amazing program of open-air concerts. The garden is open from Wednesday to Saturday, and there will be plenty of time to socialise, work on exams, play fussball, and have picnics and barbecues.

There are enough seats for everyone, a great summer vibe, free wi-fi and coffee in the pot. Feel free to bring barbecues and picnic baskets, then buy your drinks at the bar - that’s how we pay our artists.

Team of Experts
Team of Experts is an alternative rock duo consisting of vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Martin Gronemann, and drummer Lasse Høgh. They formed in June 2013 and released their debut single ‘Secret Admirer’ before the year was out. Their music is ultra-melodic and instantly catchy, their influences ranging from Sonic Youth to ABBA (without a shadow of postmodern irony).

Their self-proclaimed ‘anything goes’ attitude will be verified with the release of their first EP on vinyl and digital on the 19th of May.

The Olympics
During the recording process of their most recent material, The Olympics began to question the conventional album format for releasing music. They realised that assembling their material into one package didn’t fit with how they listened to music, never mind how they felt about recording it. So now they are in the process of releasing one new track every month for 10 months.

4U is the first of these monthly releases. It’s a good example of their own brand of pop music with a focus on exciting and hard-edged sounds and melodies.
15. maj 2014
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