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Surgeon + Søs Gunver Ryberg + Areal + Vixen

Pumpehuset, Torso Electronics and Proton proudly present a night of rattling warehouse vibes, algorithmic avant-garde, industrial experimental, transcending structures, and straight forward and pounding Birmingham techno!

Surgeon (live)
Since 1994 Surgeon has been at the forefront of the tough UK techno scene. Even though there is an industrial murk about his sound, Surgeon adds plenty of funk, swing and a sophisticated sense of dub-space, proving that hard can also be smart, sensuous, and danceable.What to expect? Contemporary Surgeon sets are notable for experimentation with new DJ technologies embracing cutting edge hardware and software solutions, increasingly blurring the line between a DJ set and a live performance. Surgeon is a selector of some skill and one of the most inventive, intuitive DJs out there. Using techno as a vehicle to carry his artistic message, he also mixes up everything from contemporary bass music/dubstep to Rephlex-esque electronica to create a coherent, intense and righteously banging whole. More recently live improvisation has become a more important part of all of his performances.

SØS Gunver Ryberg (live)
Award winning sound artist SØS Gunver Ryberg is widely known for her groundbreaking and genre-transcending electronic music. With her uncompromising intensity she has overwhelmed the crowd at Berghain, Atonal, CTM Festival, and Rewire among other places.Always with a spot on intuition to create a sound atmosphere that matches the surroundings with perfection, SØS Gunver will rattle you into the right state of mind, before Surgeon executes.

Areal (live)
Areal (Mathias Bredholt) performs live hypnotic techno inspired by algorithmic synthesis, fractal geometry, and probability theory. Performing on self-constructed software and hardware, Areal focuses on a strong narrative by building organically evolving musical structures that are related through the contrast between noise and harmony, randomness and determinism. Combining artistic practice and engineering, Mathias co-founded the Copenhagen-based maker of musical instruments, Torso Electronics.

Vixen aka Antonina Karakostova is a Bulgarian-born and Copenhagen-based DJ and producer. Since 2017 she has been gaining momentum both in the Danish scene and internationally, delivering uncompromising vinyl-focused fast techno sets which combine straightforward techno with industrial, trance and acid influences. In parallel, she is also continuously developing her sound as a producer with several releases behind her.

Ticket price: 225DKK + fee
Ticket at the door: 250DKK

We welcome all sexualities. All ethnicities. All genders. RESPECT YOUR FELLOW DANCER and let's make a night of great memories.

To secure a memorable night for everyone, please do have in mind.
- No racism, homophobia, transphobia or sexism.
- No touching without asking and no means NO!
- No leering, you may look, but don't stare.
- Think about how you use your phone. Please keep it in your pocket and enjoy the dancefloor!
22. okt 2021
dørene åbner
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