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Phonofile presents: BAEST + DRUKNER

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Fall is on the way and thus, Phonofile would like to invite you (fans, industry people, alcoholics and music lovers in general) to a showcase/party to celebrate all the new music being released in the coming months.

We are very proud to present the first of our two bands who will help us burn down the greatest place in town, Pumpehusets Byhave!


Drukner is a very heavy Doom and Stoner quartet, formed in the 2014/’15 winter in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The band consists of thick fuzzy bass, equally fuzz drenched doomy lead guitar, additional atmospheric guitar and vintage organ wizardry, scarce, simple but intense vocals and trance inducing super hard pounding drums. Excess is a keyword, but dynamics are essential. And no unnecessary flashy bullshit is a strict rule of aesthetics.

Although true to the dogmas of the masters within the genre (I.e. Black Sabbath, Sleep, Electric Wizard), Drukner has elegantly developed truly their very own distinct sound and universe with elements reminiscent of medieval times in the cold dark North and a, for Denmark, uniquely excessive heavy vibe, which is best experienced live and loud, and in person.

Expect to be forsibly dragged into a state of drowsy trance, in a strange world of twisted pleasure, occultly doomed and stoned without (necessarily) consuming the common substances for that purpose.

The four members come from widespread regions of the land but are lifelong homies, nonetheless, through a common passion for a variety of forms of creative self-expression. We are ambitious, hardworking and have a deeply rooted will to make high quality music and deliver it firmly.

Drukner’s self titled full length debut album, which is released on Friday September 23rd, through Phonofile, was recorded live and mixed at the bands own rehearsal studio on Nørrebro Copenhagen, by personal friend and local skilled drummer and producer Anders Haaning and mastered by a, well… Master of the genre; James Plotkin, who have had his keen hands on the works of titanic bands within the scene such as: Mastodon, Electric Wizard’s Time To Die, Bongripper’s Live at Roadburn and Windhand’s Soma.

Keep a lookout for Drukner, they’ll be out there, relentlessly, on a slow and steady killing spree.

BAEST plays hard hitting death metal on thrash guitars, influenced by bands with the infamous ‘buzzsaw’ guitar tone played on the legendary BOSS HM-2 pedal, known from Bloodbath and Entombed. BAEST is a death metal band with edge consisting of an awesome live act well known for its windmill headbanging skills and charismatic stage presence and an original sound that liberates the band from the endless fields of modern death metal. This is a vicious and violent monster that will grow into a global beast.
24. aug 2017
dørene åbner
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