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Pardans + Gäy

Pardans is a sextet punk outfit hailing from Copenhagen. Their sound is a mix of intense orchestral no-rock, including tenor saxophone and viola. A piercing guitar moans in twisted ecstasy as pounding drums and a roaring bass drive the audience into an involuntary frenzy, whilst frontman Gustav Berntsen pours his adolescent heart out, losing himself in the pulsating madness. Leaving the audience gasping for air and drenched in sweat.

Having formed in late 2015 the band have wasted no time in putting out material. On September 17 2016, Pardans’ debut mini-album entitled 'Heaven, Treason, Women' was released on Copenhagen based Premium Abundance and the Parisian label Third Coming Records. A record depicting a story of maddening lost love, despondency and dissipation.

Pardans is a savage dog. Desperate gunshot-psalms. Debauchery. Frothing joy. Throbbing, chaotic and romantic. Young and naïve. Beauty face don’t get bored.
31. maj 2017
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