PUMPEHUSET og Meeting Of Styles Præsenterer
Byhaven: Meeting Of Styles 2015

Be Creative, Street Studies & Pumpehuset are proud to announce that the worlds largest graffiti festival ”Meeting Of Styles” is finally returning to Denmark.

With more than 200 events and 500.000+ spectators worldwide you can deffinately define ”Meeting Of Styles” as one of the MVP's in spreading the good word of graffiti, urban- and streetart.

24th to 26th of July will Meeting of Styles be deploying a heavy graffiti atmosphere in Copenhagen.

The event is free, so there is no excuse not to stop by during the weekend.

Line-up is set, but stop by for a chat, cold beer or whatever you fancy on an excellent summerday.

Lints (dk) - Insta: Lints_mclh
Bims (fr) - Insta: sbiiim
Malakkaii (es) - Insta: Malakkai
Crem - Furious Styles Crew (dk) - Insta: Furious_Crem
Meso - Furious Styles Crew (dk) - Insta: Furious_Meso
DATO - Stick up Kids (dk) - Insta: DATO1
Gorestyles - Loads crew (se) - Insta: Gorestyles
BaneOne - Loads Crew (se) - Insta: BaneStyles
Cazo Yours (de)
Same Rzm (de)
Rasmus Balstrøm art (dk) - Insta: Balstroem
Alexander Witting (dk) - Insta: WittingVisuals
Tonek (dk) - Insta: Tonek_Art
Bizk1 (dk) - Insta: Bizk1
Juse One (us) - Insta: Juseone
Welin (dk) - Insta: Welinoo

More to be announced..

Mens Du Sov - While You Were Sleeping are stopping by as well

On top of all the dope ass painters we also got some music for y'all:

Friday: TBA

It's gonna go down with Burgers 'N' Hiphop, Saturday: DJ Joebacca, DJ Radas, DJ Adam Hussein, SKYGG, Geeza G, EE feat. Constantin aka Heretic, and Fabeldyret m. BAND

Sunday: TBA

Partners in crime: Smokers Choice - The Original Danish Filter, Toke Sagde Det Var Okay - TSDVO, Pumpehusets Byhave, Spottet, Royal Beer, Eskis Wear officiel, Nbq Pro, I Support Street Art, maté maté, Eurolines, A Armand Klub Saftig - Madvogn

Instagram: #mos_cph #moscph15 #moscph #mos_cph #mos_cph15
Youtube: Meeting Of Styles CPH

Read more about the international Meeting of Styles concept on www.MeetingOfStyles.com
24. jul 2015
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