PUMPEHUSET og Tofu og Konkylie Præsenterer
Byhaven: Konkylie x Tofu: Atusji (acoustic) + Hôy La

In collaboration, Tofu Collective and Konkylie are hosting an event in Byhaven with a sharp focus on Japan. We're releasing two digital talks in July, where Hôy La and Atusji will talk about their affiliation with Japan from their respective points of views. Furthermore, the two artists will perform a show in Byhaven, Copenhagen

Konkylie is a label based in the NV quarter of Copenhagen and Tofu Collective is an association dedicated to dissemination of art and culture from East Asia.

Atusji is the solo-project of Terkel Atsushi Røjle (DK/JP). His experiences both personal and professional are clearly reflected in the music - a warped and fresh take on the singer/ songwriter-tradition, made modern in its fusion of R'n'b, hip-hop and music from the alternative hitlists of the early 00's, when ATUSJI was at the start of his teens.

ngri Høyland is Hôy La. A musical project as a translation from the apparently internal experiences of anguish, anger, and vulnerability, into the sonics that reveal how widely shared these feelings are. Hôy La investigates the tensions of a world that individualizes psychic pain by setting them against the release of an icy calm that holds this darkness in stasis for a moment, allowing us to glimpse this suffering’s genealogy. Through dissonance and resolution, repetition and dramatic departure, electronic intimacy and organic alienation, Hôy La’s music intervenes forcing a shared trauma into the light, and sensuous ecstatic movement into your body.

12. aug 2021
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