pumpehuset presents
Udgårdsfest 2023

After a completely sold-out Udgårdsfest 2022, Denmark's new, large folk-metal festival returns to Pumpehuset.

In September, Denmark's new big festival for folk metal will once again occupy Pumpehuset. Where Udgårdsfest 2022 was centered around "old" celebrities, 2023 shines a light on new shooting stars on the pagan metal scene, headlined by mighty Heidevolk.
29 Sep 2023
Doors open
Show start
Price incl. fee
311 DKK
Since their formation in 2002, Dutch Heidevolk have been regarded as some of the classic forerunners in the spread of European folk metal. Side by side with names like Korpiklaani, Ensiferum and TÝR, Heidevolk has released albums in succession and toured extensively. Funnily enough, just never really in Denmark. In 2009 they played at The Rock and since then they have never been to Denmark. That will change now when Heidevolk plays at Udgårdsfest 2023! That with their new album "Wederkeer" in the back!
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Hamradun's musik bygger på færøske legender og historier fra fortiden sammen med århundreder gamle ballader fremført på deres eget modersmål, talt af kun 52.000 mennesker.

Siden debutalbummet "Hamradun" fra 2015 har bandet, ført an af en af Færøernes største vokalister - Pól Arni Holm (Ja, den oprindelige vokalist hos Týr) - fortalt fortidens historier og fortolket de gamle ballader "kvæderne" med moderne musikinstrumenter for at give dem et nyt liv.
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Epic! That's basically what can be said about the German melodic metallers. Crom is playing their first ever Danish concert and it is actually with a brand new and as yet unreleased album behind them. Crom publishes "The Era of Darkness" in January 2023 and fans of names like TÝR, Bathory and Manowar can certainly look forward to that! This is sword metal at its finest. Nothing to say that Eternal Champion wanted Crom as support at their latest concert in Germany!
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Lotan returns to Udgårdsfest. This time with their debut album behind them. Get ready for a dark, aggressive and intense experience with one of the Danish metal scene's most exciting black metal acts right now!
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Nanna Barslev
Nanna Barslev has deep roots in the Danish folk and metal scene, including as front woman in the folk metal band Huldre. In 2022, Nanna released her debut album "Lysbærer" where she unfolds as both composer, singer and instrumentalist. The album was released on the Norwegian record company By Norse music (Wardruna, Enslaved etc.) and has garnered international recognition for its unique Nordic expression and musical integrity in the genre.
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They played at Udgårdsfest in 2021. Since then they have been on tour with Sylvatica and Trold and released a string of singles on Spotify. Vansind is viking metal with an emphasis on viking. It is at the same time hard-pumping riffs with deep growls in contrast to almost pop choruses with pure female vocals. Vansind is a breath of fresh air on the pagan metal scene in Denmark. Grab the sword and join the dangerous journey with Vansind at Udgårdsfest 2023.
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Then it's time to party! No one can stand still once Idaslet sets the scene on fire. We have experienced several fantastic parties with this wonderful new folk-metal band. Whether it was in a packed hall at Copenhagen Metal Fest or as support for Trollfest at Gimle. One thing is certain: the mead will flow, the floor will float and the dancing will be huge when Idaslet plays at Udgårdsfest in 2023.
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