PUMPEHUSET and All Things Live presents

TWRP lands in Copenhagen with their retro futuristic clash of all things cool

The Canadian science fiction rock band makes their way past Pumpehuset in Copenhagen on their 2023 International Business Tour 24. september.

Imagine the sound of the future as imagined in the 80s. Imagine the nostalgic sound of the theme song to your favorite childhood cartoon that may never have existed, or if someone from the future comes up with a hopeful description of tomorrow. Like the paradox of time travel, TWRP is all of these things – and yet none of them.

This optimistic fascination with the future based on the nostalgia of the past has created TWRP. The group, made up of Doctor Sung, Commander Meouch, Lord Phobos and Havve Hogan, is a product of many eclectic styles and eras, united in playful, heartfelt and tongue-in-cheek universe delivered with uncommon musical precision. Old school funk, modern electronic and classic rock that meet in TWRP's science fiction universe, as if Earth, Wind & Fire, Justice and Casiopeia had made the soundtrack for the cult classic film from the 80s directed by John Carpenter.

24 Sep 2023
Doors open
Show start
Price incl. fee
325 DKK