PUMPEHUSET and Live Nation presents
Sanguisugabogg + Enterprise Earth + Organectomy

Doomsday Monday with a strong ensemble of ear-splitting death metal

The brutal rulers of New Yorker death, Suffocation, finally return to the Pump House when the seasoned legends front a veritable cornucopia of ear-splitting death metal on February 12th, where Sanguisugabogg, Enterprise Earth and Organectomy also play.

Suffocation has been the standard-bearer for death metal since the 90s and in particular evoked the special sound of death from New York, which is extremely technical with crazy riffs, brutal blast beats, complex breakdowns and growls from the deepest basement. The band consists of Frank Mullen (vocals), Terrance Hobbs (guitars), Charles Errigo (guitars), Derek Boyer (bass) and Eric Morotti (drums). Together they have released several critically acclaimed albums that have had a major impact on the metal world and cemented their status as pioneers within the genre.

With over three decades of fearless musical expertise and a noticeable influence, Suffocation are poised to rekindle the deadly energy that has made them one of the most respected death metal bands when they release their 9th album "Hymns from the Apocrypha" later this year on Nuclear Blast, and in this connection they go on the "Hymns From The Apocrypha European Tour 2024", where fortunately they can be experienced at Pumpehuset on February 12, 2024. Sanguisugabogg, Enterprise Earth and Organectomy are there as support.

12 Feb 2024
Doors open
Show start
Price incl. fee
295 DKK
"DOWN TUNED DRUG DEATH" is what the American death metal group says in their Spotify bio. And sometimes that's actually all that's needed: Sanguisugabogg has a sound that consists of distorted guitar riffs, insistent double pedals on the big drums and a growl from hell.
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Enterprise Earth
A sound darker than death! Enterprise Earth is a deathcore band created from the drenched soil of Washington state. There will be tears of blood, skulls, mischievous guitar riffs and a lot of screaming!
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Brutal death metal from the other side of the globe! New Zealand's Organectomy transforms the concert experience into a regular pigsty and pure smashland when they take the stage with their back-blowing fills, which have frontman Tyler Jordan's growl as a tonal focal point.
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