PUMPEHUSET and Live Nation presents
Spite + Bodysnatcher

The two American deathcore bands, Spite and Bodysnatcher, are smashing through Pumpehuset on Thursday 25 April 2024.

A double-smashing evening of dimensions is planned, when both Spite and Bodysnatcher show where the deathcore closet should be (and how it should be smashed). With them as special guests are Boundaries and Mouth for War.

25 Apr 2024
Doors open
Show start
Price incl. fee
265 Kr.
Spite is an American band that has made waves on the modern music scene with their unique fusion of metalcore and punk with elements of alternative. With their powerful sound and intense live performances, Spite has quickly established themselves as pioneers within their genre.

The band consists of Darius Tehrani [vocals], Lucas Garirrigues [guitar], Alex Tehrani [guitar], Ben Bamford [bass] and Cody Fuentes [drums], each bringing an individual musical skill to the group. Together they create an unparalleled synergy that is expressed through their intense live performances known for being an explosion of energy and poignant releases that captivate audiences and leave them thirsty for more.
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Bodysnatcher is an American band that mixes elements from deathcore and hardcore. Their latest release, ’’Bleed-Abide’’ (2022), is an impressive example of the band’s ability to deliver brutal and uncompromising music.

Bodysnatcher has quickly established itself as one of the driving forces within the modern heavy world. Their sound is as controversial as it is overwhelming. Live, Bodysnatcher is known for delivering an intense performance that leaves the audience in a euphoric trance of headbanging and moshpits.

Experience Spite and Bodysnatcher for an unforgettable evening in the name of deathcore when they give a joint concert on Thursday 25 April in Pumpehuset. Boundaries and Mouth For War will be there as support.
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Special Guests: Boundaries
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Special Guest: Mouth For War
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