pumpehuset presents
Byhaven: Prototypen + Hvor Er Skygge

Prototypen and Hvor Er Skygge play concerts in Byhaven on 4 June. As always, admission is free, and Byhaven opens at 15.00 - the concerts start at 19.00. The Nørrebro masters of fried chicken, Poulette, serve food from 17.00 and the bar is naturally full of delicious Brooklyn beer, natural wine and cocktails.

4 Jun 2024
Doors open
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The prototype is a brand new artist from Aarhus. He sings about both the absurd and the beautiful in the banalities of life. When you hear Prototype's songs, you are first struck by joy and laughter, but the more you listen, the thoughtfulness creeps in. With his observant and honest approach to the world, the Prototype does not try to be anything he is not. He sings about our modern life, but at the same time has roots in an old Danish music culture, which brings to mind CV. Jørgensen, Povl Dissing, Røde Mor and Troels Trier.

With his rhythm box and his band of four at the back, Prototypen has created an original series of songs with lyrics that balance between joy, sadness, humor and tragedy. The songs are delivered with a distinctive singing technique that will inevitably attract the attention of anyone who hears them.
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Hvor Er Skygge
On the first day of spring, Hvor Er Skygge's debut album 'Sommetider Evig Forårsregn' was released to great praise from, among others, Politiken, Soundvenue, P6 and Gaffa for its uncompromisingly inventive mix of shoegaze, jazz, electronic and pop.

In Byhaven, Hvor Er Skygge performs as a duo, tossing and turning with imaginative lyrics, drums and guitar sound.
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