PUMPEHUSET and All Things Live presents
Byhaven: CAPITANA + Tefa Libre

CAPITANA and Tefa Libre play concerts in Byhaven on 30 August. Admission is free and the City Garden opens at 15.00 - the concerts start at 19.00.

30 Aug 2023
Doors open
Show start
Free entrance
Danish-Argentinian CAPITANA mixes different rhythms and genres, often with elements from Latin American music, and includes harmonies inspired by classical piano composition in its music productions. With the music, CAPITANA hopes to contribute to the spread of Latin American-inspired music on the Danish music scene, and to create space for more music produced by women in Denmark as well as internationally. Soundvenue selected All The Way (ft. Lois) as Top Track of the Week when it was released, writing: “Danish-Argentinian Capitana (aka Nanna Fittipaldi) makes her debut with this ethereal pop song that incorporates both Spanish and English-language vocals. The song originated in the dream of traveling away, and precisely this adventurous feeling can be clearly felt..." CAPITANA's first single All The Way (ft. Lois) has been played on Danish radio through the programs "vær.her.nu" on P6 beat, "Guldpladen" on Radio24syv, "Henrik og pladepusherne" on P6 beat and "Bugi" on The Lake radio.
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Tefa Libre
Tefa Libre is an independent Venezuelan rapper living in Denmark. With a sensual voice and thought-provoking themes, Tefa Libres stands out, but at the same time also stands on the shoulders of 90s boom bap, jazz, soul and funk.
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