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The Norwegian rap wizards Undergrunn comes to Copenhagen this September

Norske Undergrunn has gone from being just part of the underground to being one of Norway's most hyped music phenomena in record time.

They were only 15 years old when their first single "Icemobile" was released in 2018 - a song that was partially recorded on a mobile phone. Since then, they have released a mixtape and two solid albums, "Firenze's Finest" and "Undergrunn", which have managed to captivate thousands of rap lovers across generations, as evidenced by numerous sold-out concerts in their homeland and millions of plays on streaming services like Spotify. Undergrunn's music mixes airy samples, winding beats and heavy bass lines, which help to create their characteristic sound. While the authentic and self-reflective lyrics describe what it means to be young today - with humour, edge and thoughtfulness.

When the group is on stage, they are known for being explosive and full of energy. Here, it is especially their fantastic sound productions and well-defined voices that create an extraordinary musical experience. Undergrunn shows time and time again that they have a creative surplus and an impressive energy that makes them a band you should experience live. Undergrunn is no longer just an underground phenomenon. They are a group on their way to cementing their position as one of Norway's most promising music groups - on their own terms. It's a band that simply absolutely has to be experienced live to understand exactly how talented they are.

15 Sep 2023
Doors open
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245 DKK
Når Undergrunn har væltet vores Kransal omkuld, sørger Ruth Belai for de allersprødeste toner fra DJ-pulten til efterfest i vores Sort Sal
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