pumpehuset presents
Summer Of Love : A 30 years celebration

Exactly 30 years ago the 2nd Summer Of Love unfolded itself all over the UK. The phenomenon also spread to Denmark and resulted in a cultural explosion with peace, love and unity as the three central notions. The acid house culture spawned at that time gradually morphed into the rave movement and gave birth to massive scale parties in outdoor areas abandoned air hangars and warehouses. The soundtrack to this cultural revolution primarily came from Chicago, Detroit and New York and was reinterpreted by dj’s and producers in the UK, giving it their own twist.

There’s been written countless books and articles on the acid house culture, which gives a good historical insight in regards to the movement. However, the best way to experience it to the fullest was always and still is to take part in the parties first hand. Thus, on August 17th we will revive that very magic for one night and for one night only.
17 Aug 2018
Doors open
Show start
130 Kr. + gebyr