PUMPEHUSET and PDH Music presents
Page Four (extra show)
Efterfest: Skye

The first concert sold out in record time, but Page Four is ready with an extra concert on December 22.

A little over a year ago, the four band members, Lauritz, Stefan, Jonas and Pelle, met in the studio after a long break. They had all missed playing tracks that can now safely be called big hits. Tracks like "Summer", "Better Than Your Ex", "Fucking Beautiful" and not least "Koldt Udenfor".

In the studio, the four boys experienced an excitement to play together again, and this also resulted - albeit unexpectedly and uninvited - in a renewed energy to embark on new music. In October, they revisit Copenhagen and Aarhus when they play two concerts. Nostalgia and renewal are brought together and performed by the four boys you may have forgotten you missed.

22 Dec 2023
Doors open
Show start
Price incl. fee
250 DKK
Den litauiske, københavnerbaserede DJ, producer og manager Skye vil overtage efterfestens dansegulv med sit mix af pop, house, EDM og klassikere.
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