PUMPEHUSET and Københardcore presents
Københardcore - Smile or Die!

The city's toughest but friendliest techno party returns to Pumpehuset on 26 April 2024

As always, hard-hitting gabber and hardcore techno is on the program when our friends from Copenhagenhardcore once again hold a rave in our Black Hall.

26 Apr 2024
Doors open
Show start
Price incl. fee
175 DKK
Daniel Rønhave - born 1990. Mokum Records, Cenobite records, Madness Industry, SygNok, KØBENHARDCORE, Cyndium.

Recently back from the very roots of Gabber music, Rotterdam, he's now back in Copenhagen to demolish your nerves! He is your main man for unadulterated energy in the studio and on stage. On the dancefloor he spans wide, from the early nineties hardcore genre, to his own powerful productions and to a more extreme concept "fast and hard". With tireless energy and a good understanding of the genre's standards, his productions are always worth listening to.
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With performances all over Denmark, The UK, Sweden, Norway and Czech Republic he has seen and conquered more than most. 30+ years deep into the game there's no sign of him stepping down nor lessen his passion for an extremely varied palette of music.

Currently, alongside Peckerhead, he's running the well-known Københardcore concept of Hardcore Techno, Drum'n'Bass, Acid and all sorts of intense styles of music. Although it would be the obvious modus operandi of most to pigeonhole him into just that, Klaus Boss always defies stigmata and can easily incorporate any kind of music into his mesmerizing sets.

Other than Københardcore, the Boss man has been a part of the Superhoe collective for many years as well as the booking group for the annual Click Festival music programme in Elsinore.
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Elliott Taguchi is one of the new rising stars within the Copenhagen underground techno scene. While only being active for two years, his skill and commitment to the music and the scene really shows.

Coming from a family of 00’ ravers and DJ’s, he has gotten to experience electronic music ever since he was born. Having lived his whole life on Vesterbro, the urban upbringing plays a role in his selections, translating into a deep love for the hard, percussive and groovy side of techno, especially drawing inspiration from labels such as Mutual Rytm, Frenzy Recordings and Outrage Records to name a few.
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Tino is the alias of up-and-coming Danish techno producer Aske Bergstein Nielsen. Although he has only been around Copenhagen's booming techno scene for a few years, Tino has already had his music released on many different labels, including his magnum opus debut “Word Play EP” on Seaworld Records, and tracks on compilations from Artaphine, Binary Cells, Subsist Records, Gomboc Records and Another Name - the latter being the label associated with the infamous Copenhagen nightclub “Den Anden Side".

Tino is currently on the roster for upcoming releases on the heavy hitting label, Leyla Records, where he will be making an appearance with his debut vinyl EP; "Cagematch".

"Tino’s style of techno is a hyperactive multilayered percussion-palette of industrial scale, and most of his productions are set in BPMs far above 140. Tino has one foot planted in the old school rolling style of Birmingham tooly techno, and another foot in breakbeat and electro.

Several of his tracks are driven by polyrhythmic beat structures that are as straightforwardly funky as they are mathematically complex and madly engineered."
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Together, Tino and Elliott Taguchi embark on a collaborative sonic exploration, fusing their individual influences and energies to craft an electrifying back-to-back experience we're sure to see more of in the coming future.
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Multi-genre producer and DJ, Andy Zones has been a part of the electronic music underground for over a decade. With different aliases, he has been contributing to the party scene in almost all areas of rave music and culture.

Started out making off grid psytrance parties, and later moved on to DJ’ing and music production. He have touched many genres but mainly focused on trance, techno, house, breakbeat and jungle. With releases on Red Robot, Mighty Vibrations, Solumn Records and BSP/Bispebjerg. A frequent participant of the vibrant club scene.

Former resident DJ at the legendary and now closed club KB18.
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Deutsche Club was Denmark's first and only real threat, the Gabber-Club that was held alongside the punk culture of Copenhagen. From '93 to '99 you could experience the harsh sounds of Dj Prax, Jones and Monster in the infamous "Ungdomshuset 69" located in the Nørrebro district. But, as they say - HARDCORE NEVER DIES and Dj Prax is therefore resurrected for one hell of a night at Københardcore the 26th of April! Come and get scared for life, get a proper ear-beating, cause this is truly not for the faint at heart!
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The local collective with the online DNB show every Friday, hosted by CRS - The Drum & Bass DJ/Producer collective who has been a regular guest at KØBENHARDCORE, making sure that the party is going strong at the smoking terrace. Yes yes, Studio 7, these guys truly has had a finger in the game when you think of Berlin and Copenhagen's Jungle, DNB, tekstep, Neurofunk sound.
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