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The Faroese doom sixtet share sad folk tales for spring

The legendary doom sixtet from the Faroe Islands, Hamferð, with more than ten years of experience, has taken the place as one of the music scene's most powerful and soulful bands. The grief, the interpersonal relationships with each other and the audience is the driving force behind the project.

The group is current with their new album Men Guðs hond er sterk. Det narrative koncept bag
the album is inspired by a shocking event in Sandvik in 1915, where during a
whaling disaster killed 14 men who drove whales ashore in the stormy bay. The people of the village witnessed tragedy from the sea.

The sad tale has allowed Hamferð to powerfully actualize the meaning behind their Faroese name, focusing on the traumatic emotional power behind a supernatural phenomenon like this.
"When you see someone in Hamferð, you see their origins," says guitarist Theodor and continues:

“Mostly it is wives with husbands at sea who have seen them dripping wet on the door frame in the middle of the night. Typically in the vernacular it is a warning that something bad is going to happen and there are several documented episodes of this incident in Sandvik in 1915. So it's kind of full circle for us".

24 Apr 2024
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With its 10 under its belt, GAIA is becoming an institution on the Danish stoner and doom scene. With

their ton-heavy slow motion doom has excited and stunned everyone who has ventured into the country

underground venues from the first concert in 2013 until today. In 2022, they released their third

full length; a single song of just over half an hour, which with the help of André Bugge created a

intense trance experience accompanied by a text about the fragile and paradoxical foundations of the human personality. With its focus on elongated sound surfaces and hectic rhythms moves

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for i mange år.
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