PUMPEHUSET og Pumpehusets Byhave og Musicall Præsenterer
WHAT ERA: Sturla Atlas + KÅ + Ozzy

Pumpehusets Byhave åbner kl. 15:00 – Byhavekøkkenet AREPA AREPA åbner kl 16.00
Koncerter starter kl. 18:30
Free entrance


We are proud to announce our first free live event in Pumpehusets Byhave together with Musicall and Reebok Classic who will give away our new Scandinavian Habitat clothing collection.

Outdoor talks from 16:00 to 19:00
Louis Valuta (DK) Felix De Luca (DK) KÅ (DK)
Sturla Atlas (IS) and TBA

Concerts from 19:00 to 21:00
Sturla Atlas (IS) KÅ (DK) and Ozzy (SE)

Everything will be filmed like every interview on our platform so please enjoy a different type of event near you.

Our new collaboration with Reebok Classic will be given out free from 16:00. We produced 50 limited edition t-shirts so make sure that you get one.
28 Jul 2017
Doors open
Show start
Free entrance