PUMPEHUSET og Smash!Bang!Pow! presents
Blonde Redhead

Indiepop legends give a concert in Copenhagen

Amerikanske Blonde Redhead gæster Pumpehuset den 13. august med numrene fra deres nye stærke album ”Sit Down for Dinner”. Supporten leveres af koreansk-danske Meejah.

For four decades, Blonde Redhead has cultivated their own unique expression somewhere between crackling noise rock, bittersweet indie pop and cinematic-melodramatic art pop, which has secured them a loyal and dedicated audience and a reputation as one of modern indie pop's most style-creating bands.

Blonde Redhead was formed in 1993 by singer, guitarist and keyboardist Kazu Makino and twin brothers Simone (drums and keys) and Amedeo Pace, who sings and plays guitar, bass and keyboards. At the beginning, they found musical inspiration in no wave rock and groups such as My Bloody Valentine and Fugazi, but very telling of their wide-ranging artistic vision, avant-garde filmmakers such as Jean-Luc Godard and Pier Paolo Pasolini were equally great sources of inspiration.

Up through the 90s they released four excellent albums (two of them via Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley's label Smells Like Records), but with 2000's masterful "Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons" they took an artistic quantum leap. Here, Blonde Redhead seriously abandons noise rock's bursting bursts to cultivate delicate songwriting instead, unfolding in a sophisticated and alluring art pop universe. A development they continued on the brilliant sequel “Misery Is a Butterfly” (2004); a beautiful, image-creating, chamber pop and gothic gloomy album with strings, synths and piano, which is considered one of the best indie pop albums of the 00s. In the following years, Blonde Redhead released the albums "23", "Penny Sparkle" and "Barragán", and as a special Danish curl, they provided the soundtrack for the Jørgen Leth tribute film "The Commentator". In 2017, the EP "3 O'Clock" was released, with which they toured, after which there was silence about the group for several years.

In 2022, however, they started playing live again, after which they released their tenth studio album "Sit Down for Dinner" in autumn 2023, which was well received by critics. Pitchfork, for example, gave it a grade of 7.5 and called it "their warmest, most welcoming music yet", while Mojo wrote that "Blonde Redhead address their potent heartaches with renewed grace and strength".

Blonde Redhead has previously given concerts in Aarhus and Copenhagen and performed several times at Roskilde Festival - most recently in 2018, where GAFFA awarded them with four solid stars. This summer they finally return when they perform the new tracks from "Sit Down for Dinner" and classics from the back catalog on 13 August in Pumpehuset.

13 Aug 2024
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Koreansk-danske Meejah sørger for en helt unik blanding af postrock, triphop, noise, koreansk pansori-sang og nordisk melankoli.
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