Kill-Town Death Fest IX – “The Carrion Gathering”


The ninth edition of Kill-Town Death Fest will take place at Pumpehuset in Copenhagen from 31st August – 3rd of September 2023. 4 days of death, 35 bands, 3 stages, events, metal market, distros, food, drinks and death metal freaks from across the globe! This year’s concept is called “The Carrion Gathering”, so let the ghouls and fiends from around the world gather once again in Copenhagen to celebrate underground death metal!!

There are two different types of tickets:
Partout ticket:
 4 day ticket for the whole festival
KTDF package: 4 day ticket plus goodie bag w/ KTDF Icon t-shirt, KTDF IX 3 x compilation tape with a song of all the performaning artists, KTDF IX totebag, KTDF IX Icon and line-up posters, stickers.

The full lineup
Altars (aus) – first European performance ever!
Abhorration (no) – first international concert ever!
Anatomia (jp)
Aphotic (it) – first concert ever!
Apparition (us) – first European performance ever / exclusive one-off!
Ascended Dead (us)
Autophagy (us) – first European performance ever!
Benediction (uk)
Bones (bel)
Burial (it)
Civerous (us) – first European performance ever!
Convulse (fin)
Cystic (us) – first European performance ever / exclusive one-off!
Degraved (us) – first European performance ever / exclusive one-off!
Deteriorot (us)
Drowned (de)
Druid Lord (us)
Egregore (can) – first European performance ever / exclusive one-off!
Fossilization (br) – first European performance ever!
Fuoco Fatuo (it)
God Forsaken (fin) – first show outside Finland since 2002!
Gosudar (rus) – first European performance ever!
Grave Infestation (can) – first European performance ever / exclusive one-off!
Gutless (aus) – first European performance ever!
Of Feather and Bone (us)
Ossuary (us)
Phobophilic (us)
Sedimentum (can) – first European performance ever!
Slimelord (uk) – first international concert ever!
Strychnos (dk)
Sulphurous (dk) – first performance since 2012!
Teratoma (de)
Transgressor (jp) – exclusive European one-off!
Vanhelgd (swe)

Two more bands will be announced end April.