Welcome to Pumpehuset!

Now: In January 2011 the new era of the famous music venue Pumpehuset was initiated, the house underwent some major changes and the new Pumpehuset was inaugurated on September 28, 2011.

In our newly renovated facilities we house two different venues - Kransalen og Sort Sal, each with the capacity of holding 600 and 400 people respectively. As a new feature we furthermore have designed an outdoor smoking terrace, which also holds a well-assorted bar.

In these two venues we present a wide range of concerts, all with the purpose of covering the various angles of modern, urban subculture. As Pumpehuset is situated in the very heart of Copenhagen with excellent public transportation facilities nearby, it all makes the venue attractively located and easily reachable.

The history of Pumpehuset

Pumpehuset is an institutional building in Copenhagen with a history stretching back to the first stone setting in May 16th, 1856, completed in spring 1858, in use from July 1st, 1859 and initially serving as a water supply station for the Copenhagen Municipality.

Pumpehuset is a historical building in many respects, which underwent its first major change in 1987. Due to the closure of Saltlageret, in order to make room for the scheduled construction of Tycho Brahe Planetarium, a financial compensation was given and made it possible transforming Pumpehuset into a music venue.