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Night Fever release-show

Denmark's arguably best hardcore punk band is back!

On February 2, 2024, a significant day for Danish hardcore, Denmark's tightest and most rebellious band, Night Fever, will return with their new album 'Dead End' and host a release party at Pumpehuset alongside a wild bunch of like-minded, ruthless hardcore bands: Rat Cage, Dream Warriors, Indre Krig, Tyrant, and Moral End.

Danish Night Fever are by now legends in the underground scene for their play-like-it's-life-or-death hardcore punk and, not least, their devil-may-care concerts. Night Fever is led by the ultra-intense frontman Salomon, flanked by a band whose musical aggression pounds away in the grip of wrath, with guitarist Mathias Friborg standing out as a riff-master from another world.

The evening will be an abundance of sublime hardcore as Night Fever brings along 5 equally tight-knit bands to Pumpehuset. Rat Cage hails from the steel city of Sheffield, delivering high-octane, politically charged hardcore punk. Dream Warriors are brutal, and it's evident that they come from the Swedish town of Umeå, where the sun never rises. Indre Krig from Copenhagen's underground takes the audience on a ruthless assault of hardcore, leaving no room for compromise. Night Fever frontman Salomon takes another turn in the spotlight with his other band Tyrant, unleashing hardcore with one of the heavier gears. Finally, we have the brand-new Moral End, demonstrating that the legacy of DC hardcore is still very much alive and kicking.

2 Feb 2024
Doors open
Show start
Price incl. fee
225 Kr.