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Lords of the Underground + Non Phixion

Hip-hop legends times two in October

On 23 October, we'll be dazzling for a solid hip-hop evening, when we'll be visited by no less than four names. Lords of the Underground come all the way from New Jersey with their 90s classics, while in the same decade Non Phixion rewrote all of New York's underground rap.

As a warm-up, we can present the winner of DM I MIX 2023, Luke Rocc, who together with the Danish rapper and producer Sicknature will open the entire evening.

23 Oct 2023
Doors open
Show start
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375 Kr.
Lords of the Underground
Lords Of The Underground is a hip-hop trio from New Jersey USA consisting of Mr. Funke, DoItAll and DJ Lord Jazz. In 1993, the debut album "Here Come The Lords" was released, which was produced by the legendary Marley Marl and K-Def. The album went platinum and earned the L.O.T.U.G. on the world map with as many as five singles on the American Billboard and the award as group of the year on the American music channel BET. Especially tracks like "Chief Rocka" and "Funky Child" were big hits and still stand strong to this day. "Funky Child" also had a kind of rebirth when the rapper French Montana got his breakthrough with the track "Shot Caller", which was largely a tribute to the original track. A year later came the sequel "Keepers Of The Funk", which included spawned fantastic tracks like "Tic Toc" and "What I'm After", but the album unfortunately never managed to get the same attention as the debut. Since then, there have been two other albums in 1999 and 2007 with notification of a new one shortly.
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Non Phixion
The year was 1995 in Brooklyn when ILL BILL, Goretex and Sabac along with DJ Eclipse formed Non Phixion with the help of MC Serch (3rd Bass) and then rewrote the entire New York underground hip-hop history forever. After releasing several legendary 12's on both Geffen and Madator Records, super producer Rick Rubin tried to get the band signed to Warner Brothers in 2000, but in 2002 the group instead released one of the most legendary indie rap albums of all time” The Future Is Now” on their own label Uncle Howie Records.

In 2006, the group unfortunately broke up, and since then the group's members have released various solo material. Last year the group was able to celebrate its 20th anniversary with the release of "The Future Is Now", and now they are going on a slightly delayed anniversary tour that will bring them past Pumpehuset, where we are guaranteed a night of classic Non Phixion tracks such as "Black Helicopters ”, “Rock Stars”, “It's Us” and “If You Got Love”.
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Luke Rocc and Sicknature
When the doors open at 19, the audience is warmed up by the newly crowned DM I MIX 2023 winner Luke Rocc, and then the Danish rapper and producer Sicknature comes on stage. Sicknature has, among other things, produced for Ill Bill, Vinnie Paz and Canibus, and in May he released his 4th album "Paintings Of A Withering Forest".
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