Pumpehuset and Killtown Bookings presents
Left To Die + Incantation

A big metal night awaits when Left To Die and Incantation play Pumpehuset

It is mandatory to attend on 21 August 2024, because there is a meeting of death metal legends in the Pumphouse, when Incantation join forces with the supergroup Left To Die, which consists of current and former members of Death, Exhumed and Gruesome.

21 Aug 2024
Doors open
Show start
Price incl. fee
250 DKK
Left To Die
Left to Die consists of former members of Death, Terry Butler (bass) and Rick Rozz (guitar). Terry (also a member of Obituary) and Rick have teamed up with members of Gruesome, Matt Harvey (guitar, vocals from Exhumed, etc.) and Gus Rios (drums, formerly of Malevolent Creation), to perform tracks from Death's classic album Leprosy alongside tracks from Death's debut album Scream Bloody Gore, preserving the legacy of these seminal death metal records.
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With over a quarter of a century under its belt, Incantation shows that age means nothing as long as the brutality is maintained. The band released the groundbreaking debut ”Onwards to Golgotha” in 1992 on Relapse Records, which offers spine-tingling inhuman sounds and is a bleak and suffocating journey through a doom-fermented purgatory.

In the time since their debut, Incantation have continued to expand their demonic realm with the Relapse Records releases of "Mortal Throne of Nazarene" (1994), "Diabolic Conquest" (1998) and "The Infernal Storm" (2000), as well as seven more in the new millennium on other labels. In 2017, Incantation returned to Relapse Records to pour out another ungodly abomination in the form of "Profane Nexus". In 2020, the uncrowned death metal kings of the New York scene sent another disc onto the streets, "Sect of Vile Divinities", a pitch-black mix of relentless death metal and full funereal doom. Since then, productivity has been high and it has resulted in two more albums, most recently "Unholy Deification" from 2023.
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