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In recent years, the rapper Ezhel has cemented himself as a prominent representative of Turkish hip-hop and trap. In 2025, he will visit Denmark for the first time in Pumpehuset

The world famous Turkish rapper Ezhel is ready to take the whole globe by storm! In September 2024, he will send his next album to the streets, and in this connection will also go on his first world tour.

Living in Berlin by day, Ezhel has become the standard-bearer of Turkish hip-hop, trap and reggae to the rest of the world, with his fresh lyrical style fusing countercultures from Anatolia and metropolitan Berlin. His ability to create a unique international sound with Turkish hip-hop as a focal point has led to great musical influence across the world's borders. He released no less than 17 singles which have gone to number one. It all started with his Müptezhel fra 2017, som sammen med hans efterfølgende singler gennem 2018 og 2019, katapulterede ham mod stjernerne.

Anno 2024, Ezhel's pace has slowed down a lot, and he has managed to place himself solidly in the top five of the most streaming Turkish rappers. With his upcoming new album, the course is now set towards live stages all over the world, and Danish fans can look forward to experiencing the rapper for the first time here at home, when he visits Pumpehuset on 27 January.

27 Jan 2025
Doors open
Show start
Price incl. fee
260 Kr.