pumpehuset presents
DJ TRAVELLA + Jolie Kubini

One of the wildest parties of the year awaits when DJ TRAVELLA comes to Copenhagen

For the first time, Bukhar and Afro-Swing join forces and present the Tanzanian master DJ, DJ TRAVELLA.

DJ TRAVELLA takes the decks and gives a heady 90-minute frenzy on the dance floor, while Jolie Kubini provides a sublime warm-up.

18 May 2024
Doors open
Show start
Price incl. fee
200 DKK
DJ Travella is behind some of the most exciting music of recent years, injecting crackling cybernetic energy into singles in a semi-improvisational style that incorporates production, DJing and live performance.

DJ Travella has not only released music under the Nyege Nyege label but has also graced the stages of the Nyege Nyege festival with performances that were off the hook.
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