pumpehuset presents
Byhaven: Omondo Collective
Wantate + djavan.jami + Elijah Okello + Soleil Camara + CHIEF

Omondo Collective takes over Byhaven on August 17 and invites to concerts with Wantate, Elijah Okella, djavan.jami, Soleil Camara and CHIEF.

About Omondo Collective
Omondo Collective was established at the beginning of 2020 based in Copenhagen-Malmö by artists from Uganda, Guinea, Jamaica and the USA. The collective was formed to combine knowledge and practice from each artist's unique interpretations of R&B and hip-hop.

17 Aug 2023
Doors open
Show start
Free entrance
Omondo Collective's newest member, Wantate, is a Copenhagen-based R&B/soul producer, singer and songwriter. Through music, Wantate creates its very own universe; in his early teenage years, he found an outlet for vulnerability by writing love poems that later became songs. Not long after, he gained confidence in his vocal talent.
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djavan.jami is a singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist. her music is an eclectic mix of hip-hop, trap and r&b with emotive lyricism and detailed vocal harmonies derived from her experience in classical music performance and composition. She sings in both English and Spanish, while her Afro-Latino roots play an important role in song creation.
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Elijah Okello
Blending hip-hop, soul and funk, Elijah Okello introduces a soulful and unique sound that is original and modern with a quirky mix of humor and seriousness. Born in Unganda, Elijah Okello began his musical journey back in 2016 with his first show at Rust. In July 2018, he released his debut EP “No Game”, which was considered by Bands of Tomorrow to be a strong first contribution. It earned him a place at the upcoming festival "Uhørt". In 2020, Elijah Okello released his 10-track release "Dat Pendagrass", which earned him a solid place on Politiken's list of the best releases in 2020.
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Soleil Camara
Soleil Camara is a multi-artist from Sweden, Malmö, who brings together the audible and the visual. You can hear him producing flips, remixes and originals under his alias SOLEIL. If you're a fan of future beats and artists like Channel Tres, Kaytranada and Duckwrth, you'll definitely like Soleil Camara's sound.
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CHIEF is a soulful rapper who, with his rhythmic consciousness, creates a new wave of activism through his music. This time she is ready to invite us into her personal and deep space in her journey with synesthesia and make it a part of the sound. In terms of genre, CHIEF moves in a universe of r&b and hip-hop melodies that you can't stand still.
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