pumpehuset presents
Byhaven: Jonathan Schultz + Anaïs

Byhaven byder på koncerter med Jonathan Schultz og Anaïs den 9. september – der er selvfølgelig fri entré. Byhaven åbner kl. 15.00 og koncerterne starter kl. 18.00 med Jonathan Schultz og herefter Anaïs kl. 19.00.
9 Sep 2023
Doors open
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Jonathan Schultz
Since Jonathan Schultz released his debut EP in 2013 with the project Schultz and Forever, he has been a recognized name in the Danish indie scene and has garnered praise for all of his releases over the years. "I took a step back from Schultz and Forever to work with songwriting for other artists, but slowly I got the urge to start all over as an artist," says Schultz. In 2022, Schultz released his first music as a solo artist, the catchy single What About Me, co-written with Brian Sivabalan, better known as Lord Siva. The single was released on the French record company Cracki Records, which will also release his upcoming EP in 2023. Jonathan Schultz's break with Christianity, which had greatly influenced his upbringing, has influenced his outlook on both art and life itself. This has been heard in his music, which has undergone major developments over the years, but with the good songwriter as an omnipresent red thread in his releases. At 27, Jonathan Schultz has now given himself fully to his great passion for pop music, continuing with the unmistakable nerve that has characterized his earlier music. The laid-back "What About Me" shows Schultz's ability to combine both sadness and excitement, not unlike several of e.g. Sade, Prefab Sprout or Sean Nicolas Savage's songs.
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The R&B siren Anaïs delivers a warm acoustic live session in Byhaven. Immerse yourself in Anaïs' world through her subtle delivery and velvety vocals that capture and draw you in. The concert falls just one week before Anaïs releases her second single "Bad Situation" from the upcoming November EP "Chaotic Good".
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