PUMPEHUSET og Livenation Præsenterer

Blæst hits a handful of Copenhagen venues at the start of 2024 and Pumpehuset on January 24

Blæst has in many ways taken Denmark by storm with hits such as 'Lad Mig Gå', 'Sover Du Nu', P3's Unundgåelige 'Ego', the huge hit 'Juice', which also received the P3 Gold Listener hit, 'All In' feat. Lamin and most recently 'Videre', which is currently one of the most played songs on Danish radio. The EP 'Stiv Kuling' was released in September last year and was for a long time one of the most streamed works in Denmark, just as it was highlighted on several media's lists of albums of the year.

During Roskilde Festival 2022, the band broke all records during the famous "warm-up days", when up to 20,000 guests were drawn to the small Rising Stage, which is normally only geared for 3,000 audiences, on a Tuesday evening. This year, the band had the honor of opening the iconic main stage, the Orange Stage, where the audience could bask in the summer sun, party and sing along to their great Danish pop songs, characterized by their tight, funky rhythms and Fernanda Rosa's charismatic vocals on the uplifting melodies.

When the band takes over seven of the capital's coolest venues at the start of the new year, it is with a desire to get indoors in places they have not yet visited and not least close to their fans. After having performed on the country's biggest stages over the summer, the tour will be an exclusive opportunity to experience Blæst in an intimate setting.

"We are really happy with the club atmosphere here in the band, and it is very much in our DNA to play concerts at smaller venues. That's how we became a real band back then, driving around in the tour bus from place to place, night after night, throwing a party at every place. Now we have played at big festivals this summer, and we therefore wanted to go straight back to the club and do a blast concert that is closer and wilder than before.” - Blæst

24 Jan 2024
Doors open
Show start
Price incl. fee
280 DKK