Stavroz (BE) consists of four friends from Flanders, Belgium and was founded back in 2011. Together they have created a delicate acoustic, organic and cinematic approach to electronic music and have long been a significant player on the European underground scene.
Their EP, “The Ginning”, achieved gold status in France and received several awards in e.g. Germany. Since then, several large, international stages have had the honor of hosting Stavroz – e.g. Coachella, Fusion Festival, Humpback Pop, Tropico and many more. Last year they released their debut album “Mindibu” so fans can finally listen to a full-length album from the legendary group.

Although Stavroz have now been around for 11 years, many of their songs are still relevant – and are slowly moving towards the title of timeless classics. Over half a million monthly listeners and over 100,000 followers on Spotify alone completely agree.

Come and experience Stavroz’s unusual dramatic, melancholic and yet determined approach to the electronic music at Pumpehuset.