1. Ghost Iris
  2. Dropout Kings
  3. Stain The Canvas

American Attila take the metalcore genre by the throat when they enter Pumpehuset on March 22 with a massive support package behind them.

Attila started making music in Atlanta in 2005. Their mission was simple: They wanted to bring the fun back to the local metal scene and once they got started, they never looked back. Against all odds, the band quickly gained national attention for their explosive energy and fearless attitude. With each release (9 studio albums to date), the band tightened their grip on the metalcore competitors and have grown to become a monster within nu metal(core).

Many hyped bands have come and gone over time, but Attila has managed to maintain momentum and is now building their brand in the rest of the world. Don’t be fooled by their festive style, ATTILA is one of the hardest working bands and they are far from finished with their mission.

For the concert in Pumpehuset, Attila brings a massive support package in the form of the British metal band Our Hollow, Our Home, the American metal band Traitors, the Danish metal band Ghost Iris and Stain The Canvas, an Italian metacore band. So it will be a completely crazy evening with everything good from metalcore country on March 22 in Copenhagen.